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The Faces of Continental Flight 3407

Courtesy of the Families of Flight 3407

A Year in Washington

Courtesy of the Families of Flight 3407

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On February 12, 2009, Continental Flight 3407 crashed into a home on Long Street in Clarence Center, killing all 50 passengers and a resident of the home. 

Words cannot express how this single event has forever altered the lives of families, friends and the Clarence community. 

Here at the Clarence Historical Society, we stand with the families, we honor the victims and we remember all whose lives were affected by this tragedy.

Congressional Resolutions and Legislation

A "Table of Contents" outlining all pertinent resolutions and legislation regarding Continental Flight 3407

Final Ruling on Pilot Fatigue

Official Federal Aviation Administration document

Final Ruling on Pilot Training

Official Federal Aviation Administration document

The Heroic Families of Flight 3407

Blog post by Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger discussing legislation initiated by the

Families of Flight 3407

Families of Continental Flight 3407

The official website of the 3407 families, containing links to legislation and safety improvement items


Remembering Flight 3407


Buffalo News Flight 3407 Articles Archive

A resource guide containing links to over 150 articles relating to the events, families, legislation and legacy of

Continental Flight 3407