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President's Message

Board of Trustees


the Historical Society

Thomas A. Steffan, President

Sandra Larkin, Treasurer

Joan Woodward, Secretary

Daniel Gamin

David Hormell

Douglas Larkin

Jon Rothenmeyer

Kate Jenkins

Bonnie Riek

Robert A.Geiger, Town Board Liason

Mark Woodward, Town Historian

Elaine Dinola, Refreshments/Sunshine

Board meetings are held the first Thursday of each month.

Board meetings begin at 7:00pm at the Clarence Historical Museum.

Welcome to The Historical Society of the Town of Clarence, the Home of Clarence History.
If you have an interest in history then you will appreciate the history of Clarence.

We are the oldest township in Erie County! Plenty of history to go around!

Did you know that the Town of Clarence once included the Town of Alden within its boundaries?

Please visit our Museum and open up your world to include the memoirs of Clarence residents who fought in our country's wars,

mined gypsum rock, and invented the pacemaker. There's more to see and it's all on Main Street in beautiful Clarence, New York.

                                                                                                            Thomas A. Steffan

Mission Statement

To preserve and share the history and heritage of the Town of Clarence, respecting our past and striving into the future

The Historical Society of the Town of Clarence is a non-profit educational corporation formed for the following purposes:

  • A. To discover, procure, and preserve materials relative to the natural, civil, literary, and ecclesiastical history of the United States in general and to the State of New York and the Town of Clarence in particular, and to establish and maintain collections of art and archaeology.

  • B. To establish and maintain centers, museums, exhibits, halls and rooms for the safeguarding and display of collections and historical memorabilia of all kinds.

  • C. To engage in all manner of historical research, study, exploration, analysis, interpretation, and in the preparation and publication of historical papers, documents, reports, and theses.

  • D. To publicly mark, commemorate, and designate historical places within the Town of Clarence.

  • E. To engage in meetings, field trips, and joint activities with other similar or allied groups, conferences, and schools.

  • F. To aquire, hold, or dispose of, in the name of the Corporation, real, personal, or mixed property.